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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


The Vesalius Trust-A-Thon (Sept 20th-26th, 2020) was a creative addition to the Vesalius Trust’s annual Alan W. Cole Memorial Auction for Charity, a blind auction (also held online this year) that raises funds for the prestigious Vesalius Trust Award scholarships for student research. The Trust-A-Thon featured multiple teams of participants, who had 5 days to create a visual communication piece based on a secret theme. Funders would fund specific teams on their journey, thereby raising money for the Vesalius Trust. Teams received points for any funds earned, as well as any social media posts created sharing the process, and for any points gained during a live presentation and voting event. The teams created incredible pieces based on the theme “Apart But Together”, which can all be viewed here.

Vesalius Trust Award Winners

We are incredibly proud of the BMC students who received Vesalius Trust Awards! Take a look through the recipients and their work below:

Research Grant Recipients:

Hang Yu Lin, for the Paper: An animation describing the use of MRI-guided focused ultrasound with phospholipid microspheres to open the blood-brain barrier for drug delivery

© Hang Yu Lin

Caitlin Chang for the Paper:

EXIST: Exploring Visual Instructional Scaffolding in Trauma Therapy

© Caitlin Chang

Roxanne Ziman for the Paper:

Hepatitis C and Your Transplant An animated video to educate transplant patients about safely treating HCV-positive organs

© Roxanne Ziman

Vesalian Scholars:

Chloe Ng and Miranda MacAskill for the Paper: Experiential Learning Module for Comparative Anatomy

© Chloe Ng and Miranda MacAskill

Joyce McGill Scholar:

Evelyn Lockhart for the Paper:

Primary Hemostasis Animation for Medical Students: an investigation of the Animation Processing Model in medical education

Inez Demonet Scholar:

The Demonet Scholarship is the highest award given to a graduating student from an accredited graduate program in medical illustration. Evelyn Lockhart is the recipient of the 2020 Inez Demonet Scholar Award.

© Evelyn Lockhart

We are so proud of all of you. Congratulations on all of your projects, your recognition is so well deserved!


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