Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


Thank you to our sponsors!

The Biomedical Communications Alumni Association has been generously supported by multiple prestigious studios and organizations in our field.

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Our Focus

Heading into 2019 and 2020, we want to further expand the social and educational opportunities that we offer to our community
Broaden our engagement

Connect and expand our engagement with the BMC community by organizing more informative, creative workshops, and a greater variety of inclusive social events.

Strengthen our presence

Strengthen the BMC community through consistent and extensive presence in social media platforms

Foster and elevate our creative exchange 

Broaden scope of the BMCAA Annual Unconference (UNCON) to include the BMC industry at the core, and other associated fields to inspire and drive new learnings


In the past year, we have continued to support and grow our community
Annual BMCAA Conference

The BMCAA 12th Annual Unconference (UNCON) included talks from 10 distinguished professionals and alumni

Annual BMC Winter Reunion

Hosted the 2018 Winter Gala with over 50 alumni in attendance

Monthly Events

Hosted several social events and engaging workshops on a variety of topics such as modern calligraphy and photography


Published the inaugural MScBMC Viewbook, an anthology of process work by the graduating class of 2018

Sponsoring BMCAA

Your contribution to our organization will help us facilitate initiatives and events that will bring the community together and provide us the opportunity to broaden our reach. Your partnership with our organization will offer you positive exposure and access to a broad network of students and industry professionals who are passionate in pursuing innovation and excellence at the intersection of medicine, health and communication