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The Biomedical Communications Alumni Association aims to strengthen the existing BMC community and foster the growth of the BMC industry

The BMCAA is proud to support a tightly knit community of alumni, students, and faculty of the University of Toronto's Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC). BMC alumni see themselves as proud, lifelong members of a global biomedical communications community in pursuing innovation and excellence at the intersection of medicine, health and visual communication.

We are governed by a volunteer Executive Committee that facilitate initiatives and events that will bring the broader community together through meaningful and enriching experiences. Throughout the year we hold many community building events, such as guest speaker presentations, workshops, and socials, as well as special events such as our annual "unconference," a day where alumni and students share new and innovative ideas, techniques, and research.

2020-2021 Executive Committee

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What's included in the book?

A bit about me, my weight loss story, my weight loss top tips, my 7-Day Kick Start Diet Plan, shopping list, weight loss tracker chart with stickers. The book is A5, making it the perfect size to pop in your handbag.

How much weight will I lose when completing the 7-Day Kick Start Diet Plan?

I personally lost 7lbs in 7 days on completion of the plan. I believe that other people may be able to achieve similar results by following the plan. However, results may vary and results aren't guaranteed. Click for more information

Can men purchase the book and complete the 7-Day Kick Start Diet Plan?


Do I have to work out alongside the 7-Day Kick Start Diet Plan in order to lose weight?

No, I didn't do any exercise during my weight loss journey. My weight loss success was purely diet based. However, exercising alongside the plan will obviously boost weight loss results.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders will be dispatched within one working day of the purchase date. Orders are sent via Royal Mail 1st class recorded delivery and will require a signature. Orders will usually be delivered within 2-5 working days. The order will be dispatched to the delivery address entered at the checkout page.

Can I drink alcohol during the 7-Day Kick Start Diet Plan?

No, you cannot consume alcohol during the 7 day plan. This is to maximise results.

Will there be lots of cooking and preparation to do when completing the 7-Day Kick Start Diet Plan?

No, the plan requires minimal cooking and most meals are quick and easy to prepare.

Is the plan suitable for Vegans?

No, unfortunately the plan is not sutable for Vegans.

Is the plan suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, the plan is suitable for Vegetarians. If you follow a vegetarian diet and would like to follow the 7-Day Kick Start Diet Plan a meat substitution chart will be provided. Meat substitutions include dairy and Quorn products. Please leave a note at the checkout page requesting a meat substitution chart.

What is your returns policy?

Click here to see our Returns Policy

How much will delivery cost?

Delivery within the United Kingdom will be sent via Royal Mail 1st class recorded delivery and will cost £2.26. Delivery to Ireland will be sent via Royal Mail Standard International delivery and will cost £3.

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