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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


Celebrating the creativity and vision of our students and discipline.

The Viewbook is an annual publication that features the works of graduating students from the Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications program. The book is a means for our community to recognize the achievements of its students and to document the evolution of the program through the years. Beyond that, the Viewbook serves to advocate our students to professional industries, to promote our program’s excellence amongst competing disciplines, and to strengthen our alumni community by elevating our professional presence in the fields of science and design.

Every year, our dedicated team of editors work tirelessly with the students to create what you see here. If you’d like to support our efforts on the Viewbook team, please sign up for an annual subscription of the Viewbook!

Our community has a long and rich history, full of extraordinarily talented alumni. We’ve developed unique skill sets that enable us to navigate competently between disciplines, borrowing and adapting technologies in order to better communicate and translate complex narratives. As written by the former and current Directors of our Professional Program — Nicholas Woolridge and Jodie Jenkinson — we possess “… a veneration of accuracy, an awareness of design, an iterative approach, a commitment to understanding context, a deft hand, and an empathetic understanding of the audience’s needs, fears, and preconceptions.”

It’s a privilege for us to work on the Viewbook, as a way to give back to our community. The Viewbook is a celebration of our storied tradition, and we want to share it with the world!

Yours truly,

The Viewbook Team

Current Team:

Geoffrey Cheung 1T0, Head Editor |

Alexander Young 1T9, Editor |

Chelsea Canlas 1T8, Editor |

Jerry Gu 1T8, Editor |

Past Editors:

2019: Geoffrey Cheung 1T0, Head Editor; Chelsea Canlas 1T9, Editor; Jerry Gu 1T8, Editor

2018: Geoffrey Cheung 1T0, Head Editor; Joyce Hui 1T1, Editor


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