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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


On Thursday May 28th, BMCAA hosted its second virtual trivia night to bring some social time and a skill-testing challenge to our student and alumni community. Out of around 20 participants, we were overjoyed to see so many current students join us.

The questions were really challenging, and ranged in topics from science to art to popular culture. The “Science Facts” section covered general science, genetics, anatomy and chemistry, as well as some science history.

The next section was “VFX or Real”, where players were shown clips or images from movies and asked to identify whether the scene was created using real effects or 3D/simulated visual effects. The answers were surprising!

Next up was “Lord of the Rings”, with some challenging trivia about the book and movie series. “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” used the series of the same name to ask questions about the history of products and topics around the world.

Test your own knowledge! What was the earliest known computer game, created purely for entertainment and designed by a nuclear physicist in 1958? Find the answer at the end of this article!

The final section was “Foods Around the World”, testing players’ knowledge of a range of snacks, food origins, ingredients and names.

Good job to everyone who played this difficult round! And big congratulations to Roxanne Ziman and Jenn Lee who tied for first, each with 47 points out of a possible 74 points!

We hope that everyone is safe and well. As we are all staying home, we will continue to host BMCAA’s monthly events virtually. If anyone has any suggestions for themes for our next one, feel free to reach out to us at If you would like to join us and have some social time amidst all that is going on, stay tuned for event updates via our Events Page or mailing list (sign up if you haven’t already!). Hope we see you at our next event!

Trivia answer: Tennis for Two


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