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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


The BMCAA community gathered this past Wednesday, October 16, to produce artworks for next year’s BMCAA 2020 Winter Gala and 75th Reunion. Kindly hosted at Bridgeable’s beautiful downtown space, attendees got to socialize and create large collaborative paintings together.

Each year, the group is divided into three separate teams. Each team is given a theme to base their painting around - this year, the themes were research and education, technology, and medicine - and ode to BMC. Teams only had a couple of hours (not a lot of time!) to plan and execute their pieces. The process was exciting to watch, and really showed off how specifically skilled BMC students and alumni are at collaborating and creating incredible work. Though usually the pieces are mostly done with acrylic paints, artists used a wide variety of media and techniques to bring their visions to life.

We were excited to see several current first year students came out to the event as well - it was such a pleasure to get to know some of the new BMC faces and welcome them into the community. We had a great turnout overall, with many of our alumni showing up to mingle and participate in painting.

BMCAA will be auctioning off these artworks at our BMCAA 2020 Winter Gala and 75th Reunion. Stay tuned and be sure to come to this event to see (and get!) them in person.

In the meantime, look out for upcoming events on our Events Page, and sign up for our mailing list. BMCAA hosts events every month, so don’t miss out on the next one!


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