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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


Current students and alumni were joined by Nick Woolridge and Maeve Doyle at the AGO on Wednesday, April 24 to enjoy some fine art and even finer company. Ryan Park, from the class of 2018, led the group on a tour through much of the museum with riveting discussion of art history and painting techniques. Seeing Nick and Maeve again was a big highlight for alumni, and we hope to see them again soon!

After the AGO, the group headed over to Sin and Redemption for drinks and discussed double-muscled cows, technology and baking bread amongst other topics. Much was learned. Alumni also got to hear more about current students’ MRPs, and hopes and fears for post-grad life. These events are a great chance for BMC-ers to help each other out as they navigate student and post-grad life.

It was wonderful to see everyone who came out! Join us next time as we host BMCAA events every month. You can see recent and upcoming ones on our Events Page. Also, please sign up for our mailing list in case you haven't yet done so!

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