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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


Dear alumni,

I am very happy to announce that we've successful published our first ever MScBMC Viewbook this past winter! This inaugural volume showcases beautiful work by the MScBMC class of 1T8. If you're interested, alumni may order a copy for a limited time (please reserve before Friday, April 26, 2019).

If you didn’t know already, the Viewbook was a collaborative effort two years in the making. I owe a big thanks to Nick, Jodie, and the MScBMC program for their continued support. I need to thanks my fellow teammates from the BMCAA Executive Team of 2017/2018 including Susan Le 1T6, Wendy Gu 1T6, Paul Kelly 1T1, Bobby Lancefield 1T5, Danny Sayeau 1T8, and Ashley Hui 1T5 who helped nurture this idea into fruition. Thank you to the class of 1T8 who joined us on this journey into the unknown. Last but far from least, thank you to Joyce Hui 1T1, my co-editor, who helped to lay down the beautiful pages for us to enjoy.

The Viewbook was a couple of years in the making. The idea first took hold within the BMCAA’s Editorial team. Always, our mindset at the BMCAA is one of improving our association, and at the time, we felt strongly that we had room to increase the impact and value of our printed media. Thus it came to be that – over many brainstorming sessions and discussions – we settled on the idea of creating a Viewbook.

We wanted to create an annual publication that would archive the works of the graduating class. More than that, however, we wanted to be able to capture the creativity and accomplishments of its students, and we wanted to capture the evolution of the MScBMC program through the years. The book would be able to serve students to sell their talents to industry, to serve our program as a measure of their excellence amongst competitor schools, and to serve our community by improving our professional standing in the fields of science and design.

Our community has a long and rich history, spoiled with extraordinarily talented alumni, as the pages in this this first volume can attest. We possess unique skill sets that enable us to navigate freely between disciplines, borrowing and adapting technologies as we see fit, to communicate and mediate knowledge between peoples. We possess, as Nick and Jodie write in the book’s foreword, “… a veneration of accuracy, an awareness of design, an iterative approach, a commitment to understanding context, a deft hand, and an empathetic understanding of the audience’s needs, fears, and preconceptions.”

We are an exceptional community, and I daresay we tend to forget it when we’re in the trenches of our careers. With the help of the Viewbook and Viewbooks to come, I’d like to remind everyone to be proud of our achievements. Let’s celebrate our stories tradition and share our pride with the world.

- Geoff

Viewbook Team 2019/2020 Chelsea Canlas 1T8 | Geoffrey Cheung 1T0 | Jerry Gu 1T8 |


Written by

Geoffrey Cheung, MScBMC 1T0 Head Media Editor


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