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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


Each year the BMC community gathers for a reunion: an opportunity to reconnect with past colleagues and friends, meet the new student members of the community, and share what new projects we’ve been up to.

This year we had our reunion on Tuesday March 26th at the Fifth Social Social club, in its upstairs floor overlooking Richmond Street. Guests experienced a (very!) memorable freight elevator ride up past several floors to the venue’s beautiful indoors patio.

We had a wonderful turnout with BMC alumni from a wide range of careers in the industry. Several first and second year students also took the time to attend, and we were so glad to have them there - it’s a great opportunity for them to connect with alumni, and a great chance for alumni to hear about brand new research projects from the newest members of our industry. The food was incredible, with vegetarian curry, gnocchi, and bao as some of the main courses.

Biorender provided “Insane in the Membrane” graphic tees to be auctioned off alongside the paintings from our BMCAA Art Attack. The auction was loads of fun, and many thanks to everyone for participating.

We were so glad to see so many current students attend the event - welcome to the BMC community! Thanks to all alumni who came, and look forward to keeping in touch throughout this year.

Don't miss out! We host BMCAA events every month. You can see recent and upcoming ones on our Events Page. Also, please sign up for our mailing list in case you haven't yet done so!

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