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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


[Update, Oct 22, 2018]

Thank you to all poll participants and all those who have contributed to this project through your valued feedback. The votes closed with an overwhelming support for Version A! Thanks again, and hope to see you at the UNCON this year!


The BMCAA Exec Team


[Original post, Oct 5, 2018]

Hello Alumni and Friends,

Hope you're all excited about this year's upcoming UNCON 2018! We certainly are!

We wanted to spruce up our logo in time for the event, so we took the liberty to play around with some new shapes and forms – while maintaining the identity which we've all come to know and love. After much internal deliberation, we've arrived at a couple of final contenders.

This is where you come in! Which logo do you like the best? Would you rather we stuck with the original logo? Let us know in the poll over the next couple of weeks! (Polling closes on October 19th.)

The BMCAA Team

Geoffrey Cheung, MScBMC 1T0

BMCAA Newsletter Editor


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