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Biomedical Communications Alumni Association


New news for the BMCAA.

Cover of the 2017 Spring BMCAA Newsletter

Hey there, it’s me, Geoffrey Cheung from 1T0, the BMCAA Newsletter Co-editor for 2017-2018. It’s kinda lonely here being the second post ever… So, thanks for visiting our brand spanking new BMCAA News Website! It’s readers like you that will make all of this worth it!

What is “all of this” though? Well, if you have been following the grapevines, or if you were at the UNCON, you’ll know that this is just the first phase of a three-part initiative we’re hoping to carry out over the next few years (more on that in the future). The creation of this News Website is the first phase, to replace the now defunct printed Newsletter publication. If this is news to you, surprise!

I know! I know... We’re all sad to see the printed newsletter go. You, me, and the five other alumni who bothered picking it up–we all mourn its departure. Be honest. Who read it? At most, you might’ve picked up this last issue because you or your friend had their cute pet photo in it. That page was super lit.

BMCAA Pet's Page Spread

Seriously though, I’m not trying to be flippant here. The lack of readership was an issue. It’s something we discussed at great lengths with the whole BMCAA team. The newsletter's raison d’etre was to serve the BMC and BMCAA communities, to keep everyone informed, to bring the community together, and to be that memento that we could be proud of.

The newsletter wasn’t able to ever accomplish any of those tasks, unfortunately. Yet, how many dedicated hours have we all–as contributors, writers, interviewers, interviewees, and editors–sunk into its numerous pages?

Whatever the actual number, it was too much, for too little gain. Which is why we’re moving everything online. It will allow us to post more frequently and in a more timely fashion. We can finally post about current and upcoming events as they happen. You won’t hear about that random encounter that happened eons [six months] ago. Plus, it’ll allow us to synchronize our News posts with our social media accounts! It’s a win-win solution!

Before we pat ourselves on the back though, we are very aware here at the BMCAA that we can be doing a lot more. In thinking about how we could improve the way we used the News to bring our community together–by thinking about all the ways we could streamline how we operated this one section of the BMCAA body–we were inevitably led to examine the way we ran the entire organization. Remember that tidbit I mentioned about the three-part initiative we’ve got planned? Well, there’s some exciting stuff brewing at the BMCAA!

I’m anxious to tell you more, but it’ll have to wait. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with us, and thanks for reading!

Geoffrey Cheung, MScBMC 1T0

BMCAA Newsletter Editor

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