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UNCON 2019

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019
9:00am - 3:30pm

Room 1170, Bahen Centre for Information Technology (BA)

40 St. George St

Toronto, ON, M5S 2E4

Our speakers

Dani Sayeau


Dani Sayeau is a Toronto based Medical Illustrator & Designer, and a graduate from the MscBMC program. Currently a product designer at Pixel Tours, Dani has worked on projects focused on XR Training, Medical Education, and consumer mobile applications. As a curious person, Dani's interests lie in understanding and demonstrating complex information in an accessible way.


Talk: The Benefit of Automation in Point of Care Ultrasound Training

Point of Care Ultrasound is a valuable tool for any emergency doctor, however, POCUS certification can be a lengthy process that requires expert supervision. Courses such as EDE Bootcamp aim to expedite the training process without sacrificing the quality of the training, but the administrative load of running these courses makes them expensive to run and can lead to instructor burn out. We explored integrating a digital course administration tool into and EDE course to improve the experience of both the trainers and trainees.

Stuart Jantzen


Stuart Jantzen creates educational animations on "probably the most underrated science channel" on YouTube. He uses Houdini, Redshift, and Fusion to create fun and accessible videos about human biology. Formerly he worked as a 3D biomedical technical artist at AXS Studio, conducted molecular visualization research at UTM with Jodie Jenkinson and Gaël McGill, taught Maya for a year at BMC, graduated from the MScBMC program in 2013, and did some other things before that.

Talk: When a Pipeline TD becomes an Educational YouTuber

I believe engaging the public in science literacy and making Biology education freely accessible is critical. I'll be talking about my journey this year to step outside my comfort zone, challenge myself, and connect with diverse audiences. I'll discuss my use of procedural animation tools and node-based compositing to make creating animations efficient and fun. Note to organizers: I'm based in Victoria, so I could live-stream my presentation on YouTube. May require other offsite viewers to switch streams? Happy to chat about possibilities; if it doesn't work out, that's okay!

Sarah Shin


Sarah graduated from BMC in 2016 and is currently working as a senior associate at Coactuate.

Talk: My BMC Experience in the World of Consulting

I never thought that as a BMC grad I would enter the world of strategy and consulting. At Coactuate, I've had the opportunity to tackle problems at a level I never expected to be exposed to. I've learned that our unique BMC skillset lends itself well to the complex and ambiguous problems found in strategy consulting. In this talk, I'd like to share what I've learned in my years working as a consultant in the big pharma.


Joyce Hui

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Joyce is passionate about showing the world that science is inspiring and beautiful (and fun!). After graduating from BMC in 2011, she started her career as a 3D animator at AXS Studio in Toronto. She is currently the Head of Art & Design there, where she guides the team in crafting visually stunning interactive experiences, animations, and illustrations. In her free time, Joyce enjoys painting in watercolour, indulging in video games, and tending to her excessive number of plants.


Talk: Storyboarding for Medical Animation

I'll be taking you inside my storyboarding process and will be sharing some tips and tricks I've picked up on over the years. (Better description TBD!)

Tabby Rose, Kristina Neuman and Albert fung

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Tabby, Kristina and Albert are a group of BMC 1T0 grads who decided it would be cool to make a game together - that game became Quench and it came out this year! Tabby is the Creative Director of Axon Interactive, the studio behind Quench, and is also an instructor at UTM and Humber College. Kristina was the Principal 2D Artist and is currently a freelance illustrator. Albert was the 3D Character Artist and currently makes surgical animations at TVASurg.


Talk: Quench: A Brief Art Postmortem

Tabby, Kristina, and Albert will reflect on what worked and what didn't about the art direction, asset creation and pipeline for our first game, Quench.

Mark Belan

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Since Mark's graduation from BMC in 2017, he has collaborated with a number of clients in medical and scientific industries, having published pieces with several NASA campuses, working abroad in Stockholm, Sweden, and expanding his original MRP project.


Talk: transPLANTS: Growing a Patient Education Program

transPLANTS: Growing a Patient Education Program will introduce the original motives and foundations for creating transPLANTS and the progress of its continued development years after leaving BMC.

Nick Woolridge

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Nick is the past Director of the BMC program.


Talk: Keeping your fingers clean for Inktober

I recently fell accidentally into doing daily Inktober sketches. I have always loved line work, pen and ink, and engraving, though my own skills in the area are pretty rusty, and never that good to begin with. So, I cheated: I polished off some old explorations in non-photorealistic rendering in Cinema4D, and pushed them to make renderings that (hopefully!) have some of the feel of careful handwork. I will show the techniques I used to do this, and show how I have extended my explorations to incorporate the Arnold render engine.

Chris Bahry

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Over the course of his creative career, Chris has actively sought out beauty and meaning in the places where the visual arts and sciences converge. In 2010, Chris and his longtime collaborator Alexandre Torres met EP Kate Bate and co-founded the design-driven animation, vfx, and digital innovation studio Tendril. Today, with over 40 employees and offices in Toronto, Canada and São Paulo, Brazil, Tendril is a diverse group of directors, designers, artists and producers that come together to push the boundaries of the visual storytelling experience, employing an always evolving fusion of technology and craft.


Talk: Using Design To Communicate Complex Stories

A peek under the hood of Tendril’s creative design and story development process. We’ll delve into recent work for Microsoft, Vizio, Ecobee and AutoStore to uncover Tendril’s approach to working with brands, developing communicative visual languages, technical RnD, story flow and more.

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