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The Biomedical Communications Alumni Association aims to strengthen the existing BMC community and foster the growth of the BMC industry

The BMCAA is proud to support a tightly knit community of alumni, students, and faculty of the University of Toronto's Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC). BMC alumni see themselves as proud, lifelong members of a global biomedical communications community in pursuing innovation and excellence at the intersection of medicine, health and visual communication.

We are governed by a volunteer Executive Committee that facilitate initiatives and events that will bring the broader community together through meaningful and enriching experiences. Throughout the year we hold many community building events, such as guest speaker presentations, workshops, and socials, as well as special events such as our annual "unconference," a day where alumni and students share new and innovative ideas, techniques, and research.

2020-2021 Executive Committee

Past Executive Committees


Wendy Gu (Co-President) Susan Le (Co-President) Bobby Lancefield (Secretary) Paul Kelly (Treasurer) Mel Phanchanhla (Events Coordinator) Geoffrey Cheung (Newsletter Editor) Ashley Hui (Newsletter Editor) Derek Ng (Web Master) Dani Sayeau (1st Year Representative) Mark Belan (2nd Year Representative)


Andrea Gauthier (Co-President)
Melanie Burger (Co-President)
Kristina Neuman (Treasurer)
Bobby Lancefield (Secretary)
Bonnie Scott (Events Coordinator)
Tabetha Rose (Web Master)
Mark Belan (1st Year Representative)
Mel Phanchanhla (2nd Year Representative)


Annie Tseng (Co-President) Lisa Qiu (Co-President) Lucas Lin (Secretary) Dani Sayeau (Treasurer) Susan Le (Events Coordinator) Jerry Gu (Viewbook Editor) Nancy Ji (Web Master) Sarah Crawley (Newsletter Editor) Chelsea Canlas (Viewbook Editor) Geoffrey Cheung (Media and Content Manager) Avesta Rastan (Student Representative) Caitlin Chang (Student Representative)

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